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Roger Babb


A written tribute by a former student and theatre artist.


Roger Babb

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Dan Gerould was a generous teacher, guide and collaborator for me and for a number of other working artists who wished to engage theatre and performance from a serious scholarly perspective. His lectures were often revelatory, his kind support and encouragement sustained our academic aspirations and his professional work as a translator enhanced our productions.

Dan was an advisor for Otrabanda Company’s production of Alexander Blok’s Balaganchik (The Puppet Booth) at La Mama. We collaborated on a translation of Marivaux’s La Dispute that I directed at Mt Holyoke College and we worked together on his translation of Mrozek’s Fox Hunt, again at Mt Holyoke. Dan introduced me to these plays and to their significance. He had a significant influence on my professional work.  I loved working with him and I know he enjoyed the practical challenges of production.

I especially liked to watch him engage with my students who were as profoundly impressed with his knowledge, wit and generosity as I had been and continued to be for as long as I knew him.


Roger Babb





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