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A written tribute from a former student.


Michael Cramer, PhD, 2005


February 17, 2012

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Dan was not only a great friend, but he got me through this program--literally. He recommended my acceptance. He was my pre-dissertation adviser. Most of the seminars I took were his. I think we got on so well because he detected in me a fellow sinner (academically speaking). We were both into weird and unusual stuff that wasn't always theatre but wasn't not theatre--historical reenactments, guillotines, true crime plays. But he got me through the program in a more important way than these. I failed my second exam the first time I took it. I studied my butt off for the second time, because you only get two tries. When I'd done he asked me what questions I'd answered. I told him and he said "I wrote all three of those questions." Then he smiled and winked at me. He knew that I would pick the questions he had written, and knew that I would be able to answer them. They weren't easy--not by a long shot--but he had made sure there was stuff on the exam that was in my area of study. So I owe Dan the letters after my name. 


Michael Cramer




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