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Written tribute from Andrzej Wirth, Charlottenburg Berlin.


Andrzej Wirth


September 6, 2012

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I met Daniel in 1965 in Warsaw, not knowing that soon we would meet again in California, and that I would inhabit his San Francisco house with a view of The Golden Gate Bridge and feed his cat Squicker while he was a Fulbright scholar in Warsaw.

It sounds like a situational mix up from Witkacy plays, which attracted both of us.

At Stanford I directed the West Coast premiere of "Crazy Locomotive" using his translation. He never tired of calling it the best production ever made of the play.

The reason why this correct New England gentleman would take on the task of recreating the free wheeling, inventively idiosyncratic, post-expressionist speech of Witkacy plays in the American idiom remains a mystery.

Even a bigger mystery is that he so brilliantly succeeded.

The protean work of transplanting the twenty one
exotic, postdramatic Witkacy plays into a foreign culture waits in vain for comparison.

It is a gift to English speaking theater, and an assuring gift to Polish letters.

But the biggest gift is to have had the privilege of having Daniel as a personal friend for half of a century.




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