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Sympathy correspondence from former student through CUNY Theatre Department.


Alvin Goldfarb, PhD, 1978


February 17, 2012



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Dan Gerould was the most generous, selfless, and accomplished teacher-scholar I have ever encountered during my career as a student, faculty member, and administrator. Every class I took with him was a remarkable experience. With just a few questions he could lead a class to an understanding of the most complex play or theoretical work. I remember visiting New York a few years ago, sitting in on his class, and being even more amazed by his pedagogical brilliance. (And I was as nervous as ever when he called on me because I so respected him.) Dan was a generous mentor. He was a wonderfully supportive, while highly demanding, dissertation advisor.

When Ed Wilson was considering a collaborator for a new theatre history textbook, Dan recommended me. For that recommendation to Ed, I am forever grateful. When I began my administrative career and worried about not being able to do as much teaching and scholarship, Dan told me that there was a need for more administrators who were experienced teachers and researchers. His support and those kind words have always stayed with me.

I saw Dan a little over a year ago when I stopped by a Theatre alumni event at the Graduate Center. He was again exactly as I remembered him when I was a student in the 1970s, wearing a bow tie and infectious smile. And as always, he was interested in hearing about me, both personally and professionally. I had to coax him into discussing his most recent work.

I am so proud to say I was a student of Dan Gerould and I will never forget his impact on my life.


Alvin Goldfarb




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