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Four typewritten paragraphs looking at symbolist mystery plays.

Three typewritten paragraphs about Spanish playwright Valle-Inclan focusing on "The Dream Comedy"

two type written pages containing: a quote on melodrama and film noir from James Naremore's "More than Night: Film Noir inIts Context," a quote on Tableaux in melodrama from Edward Mayhew's "Stage Effects: or the Principles which Command Dramatic Success in the Theatre," and a definition of Boulevard Drama.

Handwritten lecture notes on cards for the play "I Ain't Yo' Uncle"

Printed course description for the Melodrama class for Fall 2005.

Typewritten list of reading for the Melodrama course including some handwritten additions.

Page of photocopied excerpts from The Dickens Theatrical Reader regarding a production of Thirty Years of a Gambler's Life.

Typewritten. Bibliographic listing of suggested anthologies and texts for the Melodramatic Impulse course.

Course description for the Melodrama class fall 2000.

Typewritten. Gerould's Translation of passages from Pixérécourt.

Eight typewritten pages containing a selected bibliography for melodrama.

Single typewritten page with the course description for Comparative Literature U700 Spring 1979.

Typewritten. Course schedule portion of a syllabus for Theatre U802 course on Melodrama starting 18 September of an unknown year. Contains the required reading for each class meeting.

Typewritten. Listing of major symbolist plays including title, publication and performance information.

Three typewritten paragraphs on the generic boundaries of melodrama.

A typewritten Topics and notes for class discussion for 18 October 2005. Contains additional notes written in by hand.

Course schedule portion of a Melodrama syllabus starting August 31 of an unknown year. Contains the required readings for each class meeting.

A typewritten page containing the course description and reading list for a course Theatre U802 Melodrama.

A typewrittne page listing melodramas about revolution and revolutionary melodramas between 1830 and 1927. Includes playwright. title, theatre, and date.

A typewritten page of notes looking at Sweeny Todd and False Promises as examples of melodrama.

A notecard with a few handwritten notes on Early Dective melodrama and War and Melodrama. Seems to have been an outline for class discussion.

Type written topics that seem to be class notes guide discussion with page references.

Tribute from former student, Joel Berkowitz, PhD, 2005.

Photocopy of Daniel Gerould's article published in the collection "Melodrama: Stage, Picture, Screen" edited by Jacky Bratton, Jim Cook, and Christine Gledhill.