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Brief typewritten notes on Pszybyszewski's "Visitors."

Brief typewritten notes on Wallace Steven's "Carlos Among the Candles"

Brief typewritten notes on Marguerite's "Pierrot, Assassin of His Wife."

Typewritten selection from Dionysis Boucicault's "Leaves from a Dramatist's Diary."

Typewritten notes Rachilde's symbolist play "The Crystal Spider."

Handwritten notecards on Villar's 1953 production of Molière's "Don Juan" at the Avignon Theatre Festival.

Handwritten notecards on tragicomedy in Strindberg's "Creditors."

Handwritten notecards on Sam Shephard's "Burried Child"

Typewritten list of expanded topics for Melodrama course with additional annotations.

Typewritten outline of notes reguarding "Lady Audley's Secret" with a handwritten reference added.

Handwritten notecard outlining features of comic structure.

Fourteen pages of notes on Shelly and "The Cenci." Partly typewritten with considerable handwritten additions.

Typewritten description of the (Melo)Dramatic Impule in Nineteenth-Century Literature course.

Typewritten outline of the characteristics of melodrama with extensive handwritten annotations focusing on the oppressive quality of melodrama.

Typewritten collection of quotes from George Bernard Shaw concerning melodrama for the Theatre U802 Melodrama course.

Five typewritten paragraphs introducing the play.

Collection of quotes compiled from Oscar Wilde's letters used in the Symbolism course. Theatre U854

Typewritten list of books places on reserve for the Fall 2005 Theatre U802 Melodrama class. Includes call number, title, author, and publication information.

Typewritten notes on the various characteristics of Melodrama. Also contains a handwritten list of topics related to the study of melodrama.

Six typewritten paragraphs looking at Maeterlinck's play "the Intruder"

Two typewritten pages of a manifesto defending Structuralism's use of melodrama. Written by Michael Kirby

Four typewritten paragraphs giving a brief overview of Tagore's work.

Typewritten outlines for discussion of Farce and New Comedy.

Typewritten lecture notes primarily on Uncle Tom's Cabin and Ten Nights in a Barrom with a brief concluding section of "I Ain't Yo' Uncle." Includes a couple handwritten additions.

Typewritten reading list portion of a syllabus for the melodrama course. Includes handwritten annotations.