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Photocopy of Daniel Gerould's article published in the collection "Melodrama: Stage, Picture, Screen" edited by Jacky Bratton, Jim Cook, and Christine Gledhill.

A typewritten manuscript of the article. Discusses Polish playwright Witkacy's "reception in the light of popular culture," "Witkacy's use of popular culture and of popular culture's use of Witkacy."

Article on the uses of myth in Gerould's play "Candaules Commissioner" with a short introduction by Bettina Knapp.

Article on George Pitoeff's relation to Chekovian drama in interwar France.

Article exploring themes from Dumas's play Le Demi-Monde.

Article on the subject of Witkacy's choice of dramatic settings.

Article on Witkacy's theory of the theatre, with notes in Polish following.

A 17-page typed draft of an article exploring Witkacy's theatrical use of conspiracy theory.

Draft of an article on Symbolist drama