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Typewritten selection from the chapter in William Winter's "The Life Of David Belasco" Volume 2.

Handwritten notecards on Musset's "Les Caprices de Marianne."

Typewritten outline for discussion of "The Revenger's Tragedy" with several handwritten additions.

Handwritten notecards looking at a postcolonial reading of Shakespeare's "The Tempest."

Typewritten notes comparing the two versions of "The Cenci" as melodrama.

Brief typewritten notes introducing Bely's "Jaws of Night."

Handwritten notecards on O'Casey's "The Silver Tassie."

Handwritten notecards on Molière's uses of comedy.

Handwritten notecards on Lady Gregory's "The White Cockade."

Handwritten notecards on Kleist's "Amphitryon."

Handwritten notecards show the relationships between the Italian tragicomedies of Guarini and Late Elizabethan/ Jacobean tragicomedies in England.

Handwritten notecards on Maxim Gorky's "Yegor Bulichov."

Typewritten notecards summarizing Farquhar's play "The Twin-Rivals."

Typewriten notecards summarizing Farquhar's play "The Recruiting Officer."

Typewritten notecards summarizing Farquhar's play "The Constant Couple, or a Trip to the Jubilee."

Handwritten notecards on comic structure and theory.

Handwritten notecards on Anton Chekhov focusing on Three Sisters

Handwritten notecards exploring tragicomedy through Shakespeare's "Two Noble Kinsmen"

Typewritten notes on Dionysis Boucicault's "The Octoroon."

Handwritten notecards on Molière's "Don Juan."

Brief typewritten notes on Yeats's "the Shadowy Waters."

Brief typewritten notes on Pszybyszewski's "Visitors."

Brief typewritten notes on Wallace Steven's "Carlos Among the Candles"

Brief typewritten notes on Marguerite's "Pierrot, Assassin of His Wife."