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A typewrittne page listing melodramas about revolution and revolutionary melodramas between 1830 and 1927. Includes playwright. title, theatre, and date.

A typewritten page of notes looking at Sweeny Todd and False Promises as examples of melodrama.

A notecard with a few handwritten notes on Early Dective melodrama and War and Melodrama. Seems to have been an outline for class discussion.

Type written topics that seem to be class notes guide discussion with page references.

A single notecard with handwritten notes on gothic melodrama.

A notecard with handwritten notes on the gothic melodrama "Castle Spectre."

Course notes for discussion of Wylie Sypher's "Aesthetic of Revolution: The Marxist Melodrama." Various sizes of note cards and paper with both typewritten and handwritten notes.

Copy of an email Professor Gerould sent to the Contextual and Intertextual Studies class in 2008 containg pulled quotes for consideration..

Typewritten overview of Russian and Polish Caberet in the early 20th Century. Two pages contain additional handwritten annotations.

One typewritten page containing a passage from Marivaux's "The French Spectator," translated by Daniel Gerould.

Short typewritten notes on Marivaux's play "The Dispute" in relation to Rosseau's philosophies. Contains added handwritten annotations.

Notes on the function of Uncle Tom's Cabin as a melodrama.

Typed notes outlining the structure and characteristics of the well-made play

Typed notes with handwritten edits on Emile Augier's 1858 play "Les Lionnes Pauvres"

Typed notes with handwritten edits on Alexandre Dumas fils's play "Les Ideés de Madame AuBray"

Typed notes with handwritten edits on Emile Augier's 1861 play "Les Effrontes"

Typed notes with handwritten edits on Alexandre Dumas fils's 1858 comedy "Le fils naturel"

Informal, handwritten notes on the well-made play in free-form structure.

Notes on the 1887 play "Francillon"by Alexandre Dumas, fils

Typed notes with handwritten edits on the subject of Sardou's play "Daniel Rochat" of 1880

Course handout from a seminar, Theatre 803 and Comp Lit 86200, taught in the fall of 2003 on the subject of European Avant-Garde Symbolist Drama. The document comprises quotations on Symbolism from Chekhov and other contemporaries.

Index card with class notes on the subject of Yeats's relation to spiritualism and the avant-garde.

Typed notes on the genre of melodrama, with a short bibliography.

Notes on the genre of tragicomedy, with a short bibliography.