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Handwritten notecard of notes from Yeats' "Certain Noble Plays of Japan."

Typewritten syllabus for Comp Lit 86200/ Theatre 803 Symbolism for Fall 2003

Typewritten introduction to Briusov's "The Wayfarer."

Typewritten two page introduction to Andreyev's "Requiem."

Typewritten two page introduction to Blok's "teh Stranger."

Brief typewritten notes introducing Bely's "Jaws of Night."

Brief typewritten notes on Yeats's "the Shadowy Waters."

Brief typewritten notes on Pszybyszewski's "Visitors."

Brief typewritten notes on Wallace Steven's "Carlos Among the Candles"

Brief typewritten notes on Marguerite's "Pierrot, Assassin of His Wife."

Typewritten notes Rachilde's symbolist play "The Crystal Spider."

Five typewritten paragraphs introducing the play.

Collection of quotes compiled from Oscar Wilde's letters used in the Symbolism course. Theatre U854

Six typewritten paragraphs looking at Maeterlinck's play "the Intruder"

Four typewritten paragraphs giving a brief overview of Tagore's work.

Four typewritten paragraphs looking at symbolist mystery plays.

Three typewritten paragraphs about Spanish playwright Valle-Inclan focusing on "The Dream Comedy"

Typewritten. Listing of major symbolist plays including title, publication and performance information.

Typed copy of a short talk on Belgian Symbolist drama, given at a symposium titled 'Unveiling the Mysteries: The Symbolist Period in Belgium' at the Brooklyn Museum on May 3, 1980. The symposium accompanied an exhibition on the Belgian avant-garde titled 'Belgian Art: 1880-1914.'

Typed notes on the legacy of Symbolism, with hand-written revisions.

A list of primary and secondary works on Slavic Symbolist Theatre, as well as a list of plays by Jan Toroop, Max Klinger, and Ensor James.

A description, as well as a list of notes and keywords, on decadent and symbolist drama.

Syllabus for a seminar taught in the fall of 1999- European Avant-Garde Drama 1890-1918, Theatre 803. The document includes a reading list composed of women playwrights at the turn of the century.

Syllabus for a seminar taught in the spring of 2012, European Avant-Garde 1890-1918: Symbolism. The document includes an outline of reading material and topics covered by week.