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Typewritten notes on Pixerécourt with emphasis on "The Ruins of Babylon."

Typewritten pages on the relationship between melodrama and propaganda.

Typewritten pages on the history, theory, and practice of Melodrama with handwriten annotations.

Typewritten excerpt from Guilber de Pixerécourt's "Le Mélodrame" with several handwritten annotations.

Combination of handwritten and typewritten notes on Louis O. cexe and Robert Chapman's play adaptation of Herman Melville's novel "Billy Budd."

Typewritten excerpts from Charles Dicken's novel "Nicholas Nickleby."

Typewritten script excerpts from Edouard Brisebarre and Eugène Nus's "The Poor Of Paris."

Handwritten notecards on William W. Pratt's dramatization of "Ten Nights in a Barroom, and What I Saw There."

Typewritten pages compiling quotes from critics on Melodrama.

Typewritten selection from the chapter in William Winter's "The Life Of David Belasco" Volume 2.

Typewritten outline for discussion of "The Revenger's Tragedy" with several handwritten additions.

Typewritten notes comparing the two versions of "The Cenci" as melodrama.

Typewritten notes on Dionysis Boucicault's "The Octoroon."

Typewritten selection from Dionysis Boucicault's "Leaves from a Dramatist's Diary."

Typewritten list of expanded topics for Melodrama course with additional annotations.

Typewritten outline of notes reguarding "Lady Audley's Secret" with a handwritten reference added.

Fourteen pages of notes on Shelly and "The Cenci." Partly typewritten with considerable handwritten additions.

Typewritten description of the (Melo)Dramatic Impule in Nineteenth-Century Literature course.

Typewritten outline of the characteristics of melodrama with extensive handwritten annotations focusing on the oppressive quality of melodrama.

Typewritten collection of quotes from George Bernard Shaw concerning melodrama for the Theatre U802 Melodrama course.

Typewritten list of books places on reserve for the Fall 2005 Theatre U802 Melodrama class. Includes call number, title, author, and publication information.

Typewritten notes on the various characteristics of Melodrama. Also contains a handwritten list of topics related to the study of melodrama.

Two typewritten pages of a manifesto defending Structuralism's use of melodrama. Written by Michael Kirby