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Handwritten notecard on Lacan, Rodger Blin, and Artaud.

Handwritten notecards on the first surrealist manifesto.

Handwritten notecard. Artaud-Seneca-Primitivism.

Typed copy of a short talk on Belgian Symbolist drama, given at a symposium titled 'Unveiling the Mysteries: The Symbolist Period in Belgium' at the Brooklyn Museum on May 3, 1980. The symposium accompanied an exhibition on the Belgian avant-garde titled 'Belgian Art: 1880-1914.'

Syllabus for a seminar taught in the fall of 1999- European Avant-Garde Drama 1890-1918, Theatre 803. The document includes a reading list composed of women playwrights at the turn of the century.

Syllabus for a seminar taught in the spring of 2012, European Avant-Garde 1890-1918: Symbolism. The document includes an outline of reading material and topics covered by week.

Syllabus from a course taught in the fall of 2007 on the subject of European Avant-Garde Symbolist drama. Document includes key words, description of written assignments, and a list of primary and secondary materials.

Course handout from a seminar, Theatre 803 and Comp Lit 86200, taught in the fall of 2003 on the subject of European Avant-Garde Symbolist Drama. The document comprises quotations on Symbolism from Chekhov and other contemporaries.

Syllabus from a seminar on European Avant-Garde Drama 1890-1918, taught in the fall semester of 1985. Documents includes a list of texts and key words.

Index card with class notes on the subject of Yeats's relation to spiritualism and the avant-garde.

Typed and handwritten notes on Surrealist drama, for a taught course on Avant-garde theatre.